We are one of several outstanding S.A.S.S. Clubs in the greater Salt Lake City Area. Our Club, Utah War, shoots on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the "Big Salty" gun range in Salt Lake City (located by the Lee Kay Public Shooting Range). Directions to the range can be found on our Monthly Shoots page.


We embrace the S.A.S.S. ethos, or "Spirit of the Game," and encourage full participation, using a cowboy alias, trying your best to dress the part, using the appropriate competition tools, and respecting the traditions of the Old West. We're all here to enjoy the sport of shooting and to engage in some friendly competition ~ Cowboy Style! So consider yourself invited to join us at the range or Contact Us for more information.


Executive Board

Jubal Sackett

Col. Butch Simons

Brer Rabbit


Informational Tri-Fold

on Big Salty


Cowboy Shooting

Additional Board Members

Rusty Razor

Utah Territory Gunslingers

Long Walker

Cowboys of Utah

Harry Trigger

Wasatch Summit Regulators

Utahn Tex

Big Salty Safety Officer

Salt Lake Shorty

Big Salty Safety Officer

Tin Camp

Arizona Rose



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Big Salty Range

6000 W. 2100 S.,

Salt Lake City, Utah 84128

MAP to the range

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